Hello There

Hi! I would like to introduce myself — my name is Abby! I would also like to give you a small glimpse into who I am, starting at the very beginning. I was born and raised in Kansas where I currently live, and I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer. It was 10 years ago that I began to fall in love with the concept of capturing life & beautiful moments with a camera, and 8 years ago that I went from a little point and shoot to purchasing my first REAL camera — it was heaven in my hands and it’s history from there on out. I was starstruck at age 17 when I first met my husband, Brad. We got married in April of 2015 and life couldn’t be better! I’m quite obsessed & madly in love with my husband, so be prepared for some mushy posts at times, hehe. He assists me as a second shooter at all of my weddings, and I couldn’t be more proud of his work. He helps me survive the long wedding days by carrying my gear, getting me snacks, keeping me hydrated, and gives me back rubs when the day is over….yes, what you hear me saying is that he.is.the.bomb. We love picnics and are addicted to cuddling. Spontaneous adventures are normal for us, including random romantic dancing in the kitchen…and I love that. I prefer strong unsweetened tea over coffee. I love to travel — LOVE.it. I just love the adventures that come with traveling. I love the charm of a big city and the romance of the country. Kansas sunsets are the best. I adore and go giddy over dresses — I’m not even kidding! When I see dresses, I must try ALL of them on. I don’t believe a girl can have too many…and I regularly remind my husband of that. Jazz is my jam. Comedy movies are one of my top favorites currently — but every Christmas season I’m a SUCKER for those 12 something or more days of CHEESY CHEESY, chick-flick Hallmark movies! I’m extremely sentimental about things to the point of being called crazy. I grew up in a Christian home where studying the Bible, going to church, and the topic of God was normal. However, it wasn’t until age 16 after some very hard struggles that I recognized who I was: a sinner needing Christ. That need hasn’t and won’t ever change. I am striving to live intentionally each day because I value my life, trying not to waste the time God’s given me. Life is precious. I am one incredibly blessed woman loving life and thankful for all that I have. I hope to get to know YOU, so please send me a message and let me know who you are!

{Be courageous. Always be kind. Extend grace. Love deeply}