Ben + Katie : A Rosy Wedding

This May wedding was filled with gorgeous flowers! From the bridal bouquets, to the table decor, to the park where we took photos, flowers were everywhere. Since I’m a strong lover of flowers I was in heaven all day long! It was slightly cool outside with a tiny breeze which made it so pleasant to be outdoors. Katie and her bridesmaids did most of the decorations  themselves — they actually were the ones to put together their bouquets and the table centerpieces at the reception (TALK ABOUT TALENT!!), and they made the cute ribbon sticks for the send off. There were other projects they worked hard on, and it was worth it because it all turned out beautifully.  The bridesmaids & groomsmen really played a huge role in helping the bride & groom relax, have fun, and saw to so many last minute details. They were just great and I loved working with all of them.

I hope this beautiful wedding is a foreshadowing of a beautiful marriage for these two.



  1. Rebecca Hickey says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You did such an amazing job Abby!! What a beautiful wedding and couple.

    1. admin says:

      Rebecca you’re SO sweet! I loved getting to be around all of you that day — you guys were the best!!

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