Happy Homemaker: Basement update

This post has been a long time coming! I have had multiple people requesting to see pictures of our basement for months and today I FINALLY took pictures! I’ve yet to decorate the walls but we are loving having an additional space in our home (and a new office space for me that keeps me cool in the summer time while I work!). We bought our home in 2016 and have been in the process of updating it. So far we have updated our main level (living room, kitchen and dining room), our bedroom, the basement, and my office (aka now studio). We took on the huge project of finishing our basement last fall. We weren’t intending on finishing it, but once we knew we had to install a sump pump (no easy feat!) we decided “why not!” since we were already in the process of working down there. The reason the sump pump was a booger bear to do was because Brad had to drill through bedrock (at least our home is built on a firm foundation!). ;) But it was the best thing we could have done for our basement and have (praise the Lord) not dealt with anymore water during rainy times! We started the sump pump task the beginning of 2017 and then put the “finishing basement” part on hold until July. When July came around we hit the basement HARD and got her finished up by that October! We did everything ourselves because 1) we wouldn’t go bankrupt and 2) Brad is stubborn and likes to do things himself. ;) But I love that “can do” attitude because he is so good about wanting to learn how to do things himself (which saves us a ton of money!) and he does an outstanding job at whatever he puts his mind to! We probably spent no more than $5k total once all was said and done on our basement. I’m thankful the Lord allowed us to do and complete this project because it’s been a wonderful space to host family and friends and enjoy date nights in! :)




Brad took this beautiful picture!! <3

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