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My goal with every single photo shoot (even wedding days) is to make you feel beautiful and create something you'll treasure and feel a sentimental attachment to for years to come. You can always trust me to come prepared with fun and fresh ideas and direct, pose and guide you the entire time! Here are some FAQ's:

Can you photoshop my body/acne?
I am totally against photos looking fake or making skin look like plastic. But I do my best to conceal acne or blemishes -- so let's have a conversation about it before your shoot and let me know if you want to minimize its appearance or just leave it alone. As far as photoshopping your body: I believe in capturing your best angles and making you look like a million bucks, no matter your shape or size. Over the past 10 years I have honed my posing skills that make women look and feel amazing, creating authentic, beautiful portraits.

How will you get images that feel like "me"?
A great way to bring out your personality is the environment we shoot in, so I will take time to discuss the best location to do your photos. I will also help you in the clothing process, giving you outfit inspo, etc.!  
I'm not comfortable in front of the camera at ALL.
I'm not either! :) In fact, most people aren't. Don't worry though! I will pose/guide and direct you the ENTIRE time and do my best to make it feel as natural as possible while still having a great time! Maybe the best way to convince you of this is to point you to the testimonials

I am more than happy that I booked with Boss Lady! My images turned out so beautifully I absolutely can not wait to show them off! 

brittany kelly

I am blown away by how comfortable I felt throughout my entire photo session and my images are absolutely STUNNING!

johnna elizabeth

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Wedding Photo
Beginning at $3000

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Beginning at $2000

"We fell in love with Abby's artistic eye and timeless photographs from a former friend's photo shoot. We knew then we had to meet with Abby and talk with her about the vision for both our engagement and wedding. Out of all of the photographers we had met with, Abby was the perfect fit for us. She actually got my husband to smile a true smile! She and her husband are so personable and are able to capture and create the sweetest moments. She is extremely organized and is very easy to get a hold of. The timeline that Abby created went off without a hitch. Despite the weather and smaller mishaps. While taking the photographs, we didn't feel 'posed' at all while Abby worked her magic. It was Abby's great direction and the comfort of being in your loved ones arms that created the most amazing engagement and wedding photographs! Our wedding day photos are perfect and timeless. We will cherish these moments captured by Abby for the rest of our lives."

client love

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"Abby did such an amazing job on our pictures! We were lucky enough to have her shoot our wedding four years ago, and for us to be able to have anniversary images is something that we will cherish forever! She exceeded our expectations beyond belief, and for me to love every single image is unheard of. Abby made me feel so comfortable and it made for some truly incredible pictures. She completely caught, through the lens, the love my husband and I have for each other. I can not wait to get all these pictures up and in frames on display around our home. Thank you, Abby, for your amazing work but also for making me feel and see that when there is true joy and love, a photo can capture something truly beautiful, no matter how you feel about yourself."

client love

"Choosing Abby was one of the best decisions I made about my wedding. Two months before the ceremony, we met together and talked over how the day was going to go, and I gave her a list of all my wanted shots and let me tell you, she did not disappoint. She hit every single one on my list and then some. The week of my wedding, she contacted me and said that she had fractured her foot and was still willing to come and shoot my wedding, or give me a full refund. I was a little nervous, but she did not disappoint. The pictures, despite having a mobile disability, turned out even better than I could've imagined! She went above and beyond to get the shots I wanted and worked so well with my family and friends! She had this sense of calm that put me at ease and really made me feel comfortable during the photos."

client love

"My portrait session with Abby was a dream. She made me feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful. I immediately resonated with Abby's passion to help women recognize their unique value and beauty and I desired to boost my confidence and celebrate the stage of life I was currently in. I was completely overwhelmed by how the photos turned out. They authentically showcased who I was and reminded me of the unique beauty that was given to me by my Creator. I would highly encourage women to celebrate their season of life by pursuing a portrait session with Abby. You won't regret it."

client love

"Abby is freaking amazing!!! I can't say enough amazing things about her. She is so easy to work with. I love her attention to detail, easy going personality, and humor she brings behind the camera. So many laughs were genuine and caught on camera because of her. She's fabulous!"

client love

"I have never met a photographer like Abby. She is the most kind, comforting, and positive photographer around! She made my wedding planning so much easier than I thought it would be. I live 4 hours away, so she was super flexible and met with me over Facetime to go over details and everything that I wanted for the big day in the photos. When I emailed several (it felt like a million...I swear!) times, she emailed right back and changed anything I wanted changed, or gave me advice or clarified any questions I had. On our wedding day she was there the whole time, and knew exactly what pictures to take and did a fabulous job with it. When I would ask her to take a picture of something, she was on it right away. Our pictures turned out gorgeous (not that I had any doubt they would) and we're so happy with our day and memories we will have through pictures! She is so wonderful, and I absolutely loved working with her!"

client love

"I loved how Abby took the time to make me feel valued and cherished. She got to know me and also took time during the shoot to ask questions. It made taking our engagement photos, which can be intimate, not awkward. It also allowed me to relax and have fun! Abby did a wonderful job the day of our wedding. She was also poised and never seemed to be bothered by a change in the schedule. She was always smiling and had a wonderful attitude. She just did excellent! I have no complaints with the photos. Abby connected well with the wedding party and made it fun. She did a good job directing people, especially my brother-in-law, who is very outspoken and opinionated. I didn't feel like she was demanding but she was direct enough that people followed her directions."

client love

"The thing that I liked most about working with Abby was her professionalism and her knowledge. I know nothing about photography, but knew that I could trust her and she would cover all the bases and she did! She brought great creativity to the shots we got before and after the ceremony. I had no idea what to ask for but she had ideas and directed everyone well and got some really fun pictures! I don't remember anything really coming up that was an issue during the day, so if there was something then she handled it really well! She is never demanding, but can be authoritative when need be in order to be timely and do the job she is hired for (aka get all the shots and then some without taking forever, that way we could enjoy our day more). I believe everyone really loved her and no complaints from anyone! She is sweet, fun, and business all rolled into one!

client love

"I heard about Abby through a friend when I was frantically searching for a replacement photographer as my previous wedding photographer was not going to work for us. I now believe God put Abby in my life on purpose. We faced several obstacles the day of my wedding and whenever I was getting upset or discouraged, Abby and her husband helped ease my mind. For our engagement shoot she was able to capture my husband and my personality to a T! We don't have pictures taken ever, to be quite honest, so we weren't sure how to make the photos feel "real", but Abby helped make us extremely comfortable so we were able to be ourselves with ease. She is so fun, encouraging, and talented. She finds beauty in everything and made me feel extremely confident."

client love