Kansas City : Family Photo Session

So, Brad and I want a dog REALLY, REALLY bad. REALLY. However, our housing situation doesn’t lend itself well to a pet. But someday we will have 10 acres for our future dog(s) to do whatever he/she wants. ;) We have talked about going to an animal shelter and just playing with them (but I know we would leave with one if we did and be like “oops”). Brad and his family used to breed German Shepherds growing up, and I grew up with our dog, Gideon, the most loving Golden Retriever ever born. We share the same love for dogs and will definitely get one someday. But for now, we will just enjoy yours. ;)

The reason I mention this is because this lovely family brought their dog to their photo shoot, which was so much fun! Their dog wasn’t too keen on us…I think we were invading its personal bubble with how many pictures we were taking of it. ;) Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!!