Lovely + Graceful + Romantic – Part 1 – Missouri Wedding

Brad and I began our road trip on Saturday to Lincoln County, MO, after our first little league soccer game (we won’t mention how we really took a beating). ;) But it was still really fun and the weather was just so perfect. Not long after being on the road we of course had to play some road trip games! It was our first little road trip together as a married couple! It made the ride really fun and helped pass the time. We cracked ourselves up in the car when playing a game called “Fortunately / Unfortunately”. You have one person who always starts off their sentence with “Fortunately” and the other who always follows up with “Unfortunately”. I have to admit that that game had us laughing so much we started tearing up. You should play it some time.

We finally arrived to the rehearsal to connect with everyone before the big day.  After the rehearsal dinner, everyone drove out to the ceremony site (which was the bride’s home on their family farm). On our way there, we saw a GORGEOUS location that we thought would be amazing for pictures! There was a bridge that had a roof over it with a stream of water underneath. There were also cool fences, nice shady areas, and neat terrain all over. We decided to go up to the owners and ask them if we could shoot pictures there. The owners had a long driveway and a really big old house. We quickly noticed a few cars around, and the house was kind of in a rough condition. We got out of the car, and soon saw lots of cobwebs on the house with moss and other things growing on it. Then there were two dogs that came out from no where and acted a little funny…and everything was so quiet and still….I promise this isn’t a horror story. ;) After ringing the door bell 2-3 times we figured no one was going to come to the door, so we decided to just leave…jog to our car is probably more accurate. ;) It was a huge bummer it didn’t work out, but it was probably for the best. ;)

Moving on. ;D

The wedding was going to be held in the country, hence there weren’t any hotels near by. So my husband and I were put up with a couple who are dear friend’s of the bride’s family. What a treat that was! I don’t remember the last time I met people so gracious and kind. They were more than generous, eager to serve, over-fed us with the best home cooked meals, and took such great care of us in other ways. They made their home feel like ours and I soon felt as though they were family. It was quite the blessing to get to know them and I hope we will see them again someday.

The wedding day was full of adrenaline, laughter, and tears of joy. It was simply a beautiful, God-honoring wedding. I am so thankful I was able to be a part of it and share in the joy of celebrating their marriage.

Okay, enough, Abby. Enough.

Here’s part 1 of the wedding from this weekend. Grab something to snack on and enjoy. ;-)




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