The day of the wedding Brad and I awoke to such a huge breakfast spread that our hostess prepared for us — egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, french toast, fruit, yogurt, juice and milk (DELICIOUS GRADE D MILK!!!!!!!). Brad and I are lovers of milk…especially 2% or whole. Can’t.get.enough. So we started out on a great foot that morning. The day of the wedding I feel as though I’m prepping for some big competition, as it is a physical and mental game all day long. But that is one of the things I love about photography. :)

When we arrived at Roberta’s home they were just finishing up a time of hymns and worship. Everyone was in such a good mood — it was fun to be around that. After their worship service ended, everything kicked in gear so quickly — people were in the kitchen preparing all the food for the wedding reception, there were people upstairs getting dressed, writing thank you notes, giving gifts, laughter, & bridesmaids making their bouquets and getting all prettied up — so much excitement & energy happening in one home!

Once the bridal party was ready, I headed out with the bride & groom for their first look where they shared some very precious moments together, which you saw in the last post. Once we finished all the portraits, we headed back to the bride’s home so everyone could have time to chill before the ceremony began.

During the ceremony I got emotional…pathetic, I know. But…I’m just a sympathetic crier (as Gus from Psych would say). ;) Or rather, an empathetic crier.

What made this day so perfect was not only the weather, but all of the support and love shown by all who were around. I hope you get a sense of all the beauty in the moments captured through these photos.

Happy Friday!


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