1. I love the God who saved me as a young teenage girl that was broken and in need of a Savior
2. I am madly in love with my husband who loves and serves me so passionately and unconditionally, treating me as his equal 
3. I love all things girly like makeup, pampering myself, and clothes shopping, but I also love NOT wearing makeup, lounging in pj's, being outdoors (hiking/camping/kayaking/lake days).
4. I love movies (especially old ones), art, and music (listening AND playing music touches my soul so deeply)
6. I love to travel (I have been to many places: all over the U.S., Israel, London, The Bahamas, Mexico, and Hawaii)  
7.  I love our two dogs! Gus & Beau (or as Brad likes to put it: Beaugus) ;)
8. I love making a house a home
9. The ocean calms my soul
10. I love that I get to use my passions and gifts to serve the Lord and others!


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