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So, I’ve been dealing with a cold this week (those of you following me on Instagram already know this). But since I felt better yesterday, Brad and I decided to go on a picnic. I had the most wonderful time with my husband! We enjoyed a delightful picnic in one of our favorite parks, on our “picnic blanket”. We spent a lot of time talking and being artsy, sketching random things on our pieces of paper, which we then decided to use to make paper airplanes. We stayed until the sun went down and the moon came out. Gazing into the sky lead us to be in awe of what an amazing Creator we serve. He truly is amazing. A question came up in one of our conversations last night: “God’s calling”. I sometimes need a reminder on this topic, because life gets crazy and I too quickly forget what’s truly important. So, we asked ourselves, “what is our calling as a couple?” which lead us into some good discussions.

While I believe that there are specific callings on people’s lives, there is an over-all theme that God is calling everyone one of His children to daily.  To put it very simply:

  1. Love God
  2. Love others
  3. Obey God
  4. Take care of others

Love is a word that carries such depth and is fleshed out in so many ways.  As children of God, we will be taken through many different seasons of life (waiting, suffering, contentment, serving on all sorts of platforms, etc.). The season I’m currently in right now is that of being a wife. I’m so happy about that, too — I take my job seriously! :) Does that mean I don’t have other friendships? Not at all! Does that mean I don’t do anything besides be a homemaker? On the contrary — I run my own business! :) But those are all things I do after my main calling — which is to FIRST: love and serve God, and SECOND: love and serve my husband.

Something I find joy in is the fact that here is no small calling. So if you’re feeling like you’re not enough today, or that what and who you are doesn’t matter, or it just seems boring, remember that you were worth Christ dying for, you are a city on a hill and a light that can’t be hidden, and you have purpose. You are right where God has you, so live with intentionality & look for opportunities to live life to the fullest — learning how to better love and serve God and others.

Happy Friday!

This Kansas sunset was soo pretty last night

Playing with our paper airplanes

After our picnic date, we decided to be spontaneous and follow some lights we saw in the distance. We found this field and decided to watch a Highschool soccer game

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